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Challenge yourself and discover Unibet Poker tournaments


Poker is among the most played games on Unibet. Originally, Unibet Poker was part of the 24hPoker network. In 2006, it migrated to Microgaming Poker and stayed there for eight years. Unibet then launched an independent poker room in 2014 on the Relax Gaming platform, which it uses up to date.

In 2016, Unibet came up with a new concept, which was designed to make playing poker online a lot more fun and to target recreational poker players. It led to even redesigning the poker software, making it more unique and colourful. The options for saving hand histories were also removed, which consequently rendered software such as Hold ’em Manager and Poker Tracker useless.

As one of the fastest-growing poker gaming networks in the world, Unibet also introduced poker tournaments. The tournaments are not only fun to participate in or follow, but they also provide one with an opportunity to show off poker skills. A majority of people, however, join the Unibet Poker tournaments to win money. There are numerous poker tournaments offered by Unibet, which are highlighted below.


Freezeout Tournament

Freezeout tournament is by far the most popular tournament type on Unibet, based on the number of people who participate in it compared to the other tournaments. To enter into a Freezeout tournament, a player has to pay for a buy-in, which will get him his chips. What makes it interesting is that the player gets to play until he runs out of chips. When that happens, he will not be allowed to rebuy into the tournament. The end of tournament journey thus ends as soon as the player’s chips are over.


Multi-Buy Tournament

This tournament is ideally designed for individuals who love a challenge. Those who register for the competition are allowed to have multiple stacks. Having multiple stacks at the beginning of the tournament can be advantageous to a player as it gives him more chips with which he can play. That increases the game’s playability right from when it starts. For an unlucky player, however, it also increases the amount of money that he will lose in the tournament.



Rebuy is a lot more like the Freezeout tournament, except for the fact that it allows a player to buy extra chips when he runs out. The additional chips can only be bought during a specified period of the tournament, called a rebuy period. A player is also allowed to buy extra chips only one more time after the rebuy period has lapsed. After the rebuy, the tournament continues as a Freezeout tournament until the end. The rebuy options help to increase the playability of the competition compared to the Freezeout tournament.


Freeroll Tournament

The Unibet Freeroll tournaments are available at the beginning of every hour. Joining the tournaments is free for all participants who register for it, irrespective of the type of poker that they want to play. Participating in the tournament allows the players to gain a variety of achievements, cash prizes, and tickets, which is what makes it one of the most popular tournaments. The frequent availability of the tournament also helps with its popularity.


Guaranteed Tournament

The guaranteed tournament, just as the name suggests, is one that has a fixed amount for the prize pool. That means the amount of money that a player can win is fixed and guaranteed irrespective of the number of poker players who participate. The tournament is a favourite among players who have low bankrolls and high aspirations. That is because of the attractive idea of winning high amounts of money for minimum investments.


Pot Limit Omaha Tournaments

These tournaments are limited to only the Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) version of poker. The version is similar to the popular Texas Hold ’em. A player gets to hold four-hole cards. Two of the hole cards are combined with three others from the community cards to make a hand. That makes the PLO tournaments a lot more exciting because they allow for more playable situations and give a player a lot more opportunities to consider his best play.


Bounty Tournaments

The Bounty tournaments have stirred quite a lot of rage among poker players, which makes it even more exciting. The tournaments are also referred to as the knockout tournaments. It is almost similar to the other tournaments, except for the fact that players get a cash prize whenever they knock out another player. The cash prize for knocking out a player usually ranges from 20% to 50% of the buy-in.


Live Satellites

A player can get free satellite tickets from Unibet Poker by participating in satellite tournaments, which grants him access to the popular Unibet Open events. To get the tickets, a player has to earn 50 or more loyalty points each day. There have been numerous Unibet Open events already, in which many players have won shockingly large sums of money.


Unibet Opens

Unibet Opens have been running since 2007 and have ever since been associated with a great poker experience. The Unibet Opens runs the best poker tournaments, which are usually always sold out. The Opens are traditionally held in different places, each time taking advantage of the best possible location in Europe at the time. All the Unibet Opens are known for the full complement of hospitality, poker, parties, Live Betting Championships, and a lot more.


Top Reasons to Play Unibet Poker Tournaments


To Win Money

The most apparent reason why a player should take part in Unibet poker tournaments is that he can win significantly large sums of money. All he needs is to sharpen his poker skills and get the best strategies.


To Enjoy the Entertainment

Taking part in a poker tournament is more exciting than anyone can imagine. A player gets to compete against others in an attempt to boost his ego. Unibet’s interface also makes poker tournaments a lot more exciting.


To Improve Poker Skills

There is a lot about poker that a player can learn from participating in a Unibet poker tournament, which will help to advance his game to the next level.

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Choose your tournament and join Unibet Poker today!