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Wherever you are – Unibet Poker App will always help you to win the game


Poker is quite popular among Unibet’s library of games. Unibet targets more recreational poker players rather than professional ones. That is evident from the way their site appears, in addition to the fact that players cannot see the hands’ history of opponents. The interface is designed to be a lot of fun while still offering a unique and fantastic gaming experience.

With all the fun a player can have while playing Unibet Poker, being able to access the game at any time is quite beneficial. To help with that, Unibet provides a unique poker app that allows all users to continue enjoying the game while on the move. Given the ever-increasing number of smartphone users, the app is becoming more and more popular with time.

Features of the Unibet Poker App


Easy to Use Interface

As mentioned earlier, Unibet targets a recreational player for his poker games. A majority of recreational players are usually newbies who might have some problems placing bets and playing the game. That, however, is not the case with the Unibet poker app.

The poker app is designed to be very user-friendly, such that anyone who knows how to use a smartphone can play. All the features on the interface are presented quite neatly and are easy to find. It is also worth noting that the interface is also aesthetically pleasing. A user can even change the background based on personal preferences.


Tight Safety and Security

Unibet knows the importance of having tight security and safety, judging by the various security measures that they have taken for their app. That means that even a newbie who may not be able to figure out any security threats can rest easy knowing that his money and private information are safe.

The Unibet poker app does not integrate with or allow any third party to access user information. The security protocols put in place are also the latest there is, which makes the app virtually impossible to hack.


Gameplay Fairness

An experienced player may increase his chances of winning by taking advantage of seating arrangements on the table. To avoid that, Unibet incorporated a feature that seats every player randomly, which helps to eliminate unfair advantages.



Because Unibet accepts players from different countries all across the world, they made the app to be multilingual. That ensures anyone who speaks one of the major languages in the world can use the app without any problem. The languages supported by the app include English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Czech, and Portuguese. The number of languages supported will continue to increase with subsequent app updates.


Multi-Table Tournaments

The Unibet Poker app is not mainly known for multi-table tournaments. However, it does have a few of them, which are quite popular among specific demographics and a lot of fun as well. Some of the most popular table tournaments on the poker app are Open Qualifiers, Sunday Sundown, Saturday Deepstack, and Wednesday Omaha.


Sit and Go Tournaments

One of the top advantages of the Unibet poker app tournaments is that a player can be seated at a table almost as soon as he clicks on the join button. With the reduced waiting time, players can have more playtime and potentially win more money. It is also quite advantageous for players who usually sneak in a few minutes occasionally to play poker.


Live Tournaments

It is also possible for players to take part in live tournaments using the app. Live tournaments are usually quite exciting and unpredictable. A player can watch the games as they happen for entertainment purposes if he does not wish to stake his money.


Poker Identity Changes

Another feature that is quite interesting and useful on the Unibet poker app is that a player can change his poker identity up to three times per day. Changing his poker identity is essential to a player as it prevents his opponents from figuring them out.


Responsive Customer Service

All users of the Unibet poker app can access customer service quite easily at any time of the day, any day of the week. The customer service channels are live chat, email, and phone. The users also have access to a very elaborate FAQ section, where they can get useful information and solutions to any query or issue that they may have.

How to Download the Unibet Poker App

The Unibet poker app is available for both Android and iOS devices. To download the app, a user has to visit the official Unibet website and navigate to the poker page. Users who do not have an account have to create one before proceeding. The signup process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes.

After creating an account and logging in, the player can then click on the poker app download link, which is usually provided on the page. Depending on the user’s phone settings, he may be prompted to allow installations from unknown sources.

The app takes a short time to download, and it installs itself automatically when the download is completed. An icon of the app appears on the home screen after installation is completed, which the user can always use to access the app.


Top Reasons to Download and Use the Unibet Poker App


Convenient Play

The app offers a convenient way for players to play Unibet poker, including when they are on the move. For example, a player can enjoy a game of poker while riding the bus or train back home after a long day of work.


It Increases Playtime

With the app, a player can get in extra minutes or hours of gameplay each day. A player being able to play more games in a day means that they get more chances to win money. It also means more fun and entertainment for recreational users.


Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

The mobile cashier’s book makes it quite easy to make deposits or withdraw winnings using the poker app. A player can use the flexibility of the bankroll to his advantage. The bankroll on the poker app can be used on sports betting and other games on Unibet as well.

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Download Unibet Poker App today and be impressed with the comfort of online poker games from your mobile