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Ready to try something extremely new? Then Unibet Hexapro Poker is definitely for you!


Unibet Hexapro is a new client that was intentionally designed to cater to the needs of poker players. Hexapro is one of the major improvements that the online poker operator has been making over the years in a bid to offer its poker players an enhanced and fun experience and to stay ahead in the competitive industry of online poker. Having a superior client for an online poker operator might be the only difference that makes an online poker operation fail or succeed in the future, and Unibet realized that early enough to take advantage of it.

The Unibet Hexapro client is designed to be used mainly for the Sit and Go Jackpot tournaments. Right from when it was launched, many poker players on Unibet jumped to try it out, and there have been numerous positive feedbacks regarding their experiences. One of the standout features of the new client is that it has been scaled down to simplify the overall gaming experience. A poker enthusiast thus can now put up against other players knowing that his success in the casino is all about his strategy and skill.

Unibet Hexapro Features


The Prize is Determined Randomly

On Unibet Hexapro, the players play to win a prize pool of money. One of the things that make Unibet Hexapro quite attractive to players is that the prize pool is determined randomly. In some cases, it can go as high as a thousand times the buy-in of a player. That means increased chances of winning a lot more money with a small stake.


Two Competitors

With each game, a player is pitted against only two other players. That means that the chances of a player winning a relatively quite high.


Possible Win Amount

The amount of money that a player can win on Unibet Hexapro is different for each played game. Like with most casino games, the possible win amount depends on the player’s buy-in amount and the multiplier.

For a prize pool beyond the ‘maximum’ multiplier, the three players split the winnings in predetermined percentages. The first player often gets a huge chunk of the prize pool. The second and third winners share the remaining amount, with the second winner getting a relatively larger amount than the third.

Splitting the prize pool for higher multipliers was an excellent idea for Unibet Hexapro because it ensures that all players get to win something if the table gets lucky enough to hit the high multipliers. The winner also walks away with a win that is substantial enough in case the table hits a lower multiplier.


Cost of Unibet Hexapro Buy-Ins

Hexapro is meant to cater to players of all budget sizes. For that, it offers seven different buy-in options for a player to choose from based on his budget. Players should keep in mind that the winnings are a multiplication of the buy-ins, which means players stand a chance of winning a lot more with higher buy-ins.


Likelihood of Getting Different Multipliers

As would be expected, the chances of getting the lower multipliers are a lot higher than those of getting the high multipliers. The probability does not take into account the amount of buy-in that a player chooses.

How Hexapro Plays Out

Unibet Hexapro offers Texas Hold ’em format games. Each player starts with a definite amount of chips. However, what makes Hexapro quite different is the speed of the blind levels. The blinds increase a lot faster when you have a lower multiplier compared to when you have a high multiplier. That feature comes in quite handy as it allows players to make the most of high multipliers without being rushed when making decisions for large sums of money.

The blind structure remains the same irrespective of the buy-in level. The entire structure and what the antes, big blinds, and small blinds are at each level can be found on the promotional page in Unibet. The page also has all the Unibet Hexapro terms and conditions.


Who is Eligible to Play on Unibet Hexapro?

Unibet Hexapro allows players from all over the world to access and win on the platform. Unibet even offers welcome bonuses to new players to encourage more people to join and play.

The only condition is that the players have to sign up for an account first, which does not cost anything and takes a short time to complete. Individuals who are under the age of eighteen years are not allowed to join Unibet or take part in gaming on Hexapro. People from restricted countries are also not eligible to play.


Top Reasons to Play Unibet Hexapro


To Enjoy a New Experience

Unibet Hexapro is relatively new and offers a gaming experience like no other before. Any lover of the game of poker will be familiar with everything that goes on in Hexapro, but will also spot some exciting differences. That means that there is little to no learning curve involved.


To Get the Thrill

Just as with Texas Hold ’em poker, Unibet Hexapro offers quite a lot of fun and excitement. The thrill that a player can experience is even higher because of the possibility of winning large sums of money.


To Make Money

Unibet Hexapro provides another way to make money from playing in an online casino. Given the speed of the game, you can make money a lot faster compared to playing other versions of poker. The chances of winning are also high because each player is pitted against only two players.

Final Words

Although some punters have every reason to believe that Unibet was a bit too late to introduce Hexapro, having launched the game not so long ago, they have since made up for the time lost. It is also worth noting that Unibet did launch the game with some flair and attention to detail.

The gaming experience is, by far, of a high standard. Another noteworthy feature of this new release is the introduction of a lower variance table to ensure that win amounts are spread out at lower levels as well. Overall, there is everything to love about Hexapro.

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Get a chance to big win with the exciting multiplier system of Unibet Hexapro